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Do You Get Earnest Money Back If Financing Falls Through

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Earnest money deposits are usually between 1 and 3% of the sale price. You have to come up with this cash, and then your real estate agent or broker can hold it in an escrow account. Make sure your contract specifies if and when you can get your earnest money back if the sale isn’t finalized.

Canceling your contract | Escrow refund 5 Ways To Save Thousands On Your First Home Purchase – if the loan falls through, if you lose your job or the appraisal costs comes in over the market value. Should one of these happen, you get the money back he/she used to ensure the property, also.

I highly recommend working with a local lender who understands our market and will help walk you through the process. There are a variety of loan programs. When you submit the offer you need to.

When you sign a contract, you’ll also pay a deposit called earnest money, usually $500 to $5000, to show that you’re serious about wanting to buy the house. The earnest money is applied towards the purchase price if the deal goes through. If the deal doesn’t go through then you can generally get your earnest money back, though this depends on how the contract is worded.

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 · If the buyer backs out prior to the end of the Due Diligence date, they will at least get their earnest money back. Meaning that if the house has repairs that the Seller refuses to make, you will still be charged with the Inspection Fee, the Seller keeps the Due Diligence Fee deposit – but you get all of your Earnest money back!

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 · The purpose of this contingency is to protect the buyer’s earnest money deposit in the event that they are unable to obtain a mortgage. You may make an earnest money deposit of 1%-3% at the time of offer acceptance. If you back out of the deal for no contractual reason, the seller will retain this money as damages.