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Metal Building Calculator

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Custom design your Steel Garage, Metal Barn or steel building. choose the length, width, height, roof type, colors, doors and windows and insulation.

The building size you have chosen may qualify for wholesale pricing! To receive your building quote INSTANTLY and lock in your steel price for (10) ten days, enter your e-mail address and phone number to be used as your quote identifier.

Prefabricated metal building prices depend on several elements. There are multiple factors which decide the commercial metal buildings prices. Below are the important factors that decide the price of a metal building. Metal Building Size: Every steel building requires a certain amount of metal to construct it. The quantity of steel will vary.


HOME WHY METAL POLEBARN ESTIMATOR DEALERS PRICING PHOTO GALLERY POLE BARNS VIDEOS TRUSS PRICING. Please check local building codes before purchasing. Kit prices do not include stamped engineered drawings but are available for an additional charge.

How to Square a Building No matter where you are in the process of building, General Steel has a solution for you. From our simple 3 step building quote to our growing library of project resources, General Steel is the company you’ve been looking for.

The metal roof length calculator calculates the distance from peak to trim so add the length you want the roof metal to extend beyond the eave trim. We recommend about 2". How To Cut Metal Roofing Never use a circular saw or other device that will fling hot metal chips all around the area you cut.

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We spoke with Vice President of General Steel and building expert, Lauren McCain, to get a better understanding of just how buildings are priced. "Many customers assume size is the only factor in steel building cost per square foot, but there are numerous other variables at play," McCain said.